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About Aditya Group

What you become depends on what you know, which again depends on what you learn, and is ultimately a function of what you are taught. And who is a bigger teacher than experience? At Aditya, we take pride in our sprawling three-decade pedagogy experience, as year after year we have produced great learners who went on to become outstanding individuals, to leave a mark on their respective domains.

Our focus is not just learning but the process of learning for learning is a phase which begins and gradually blooms into a beautiful flower and hence every stage of this metamorphosis requires intense care, sincerity and dedication. Our style of teaching knows no discrimination as we impart knowledge and wisdom just the way it’s expected of us.

A gamut of 50 educational institutions in different streams, with a faculty of 5,000 members and surging student strength of 50,000 stands a testimony to the pillaring effect Aditya group has had on the society in the past three decades.
A small dream was transformed into a flamboyant reality indeed; this is the story of Aditya Educational Institutions.

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