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Smt. Jisha J. Pillai

It is indeed an honor to be part of a base for academic realities.  I feel pleased that the college is amongst elements of biological diversity in the high ranges of the Western Ghats.

Here at Aditya Institute of Management Studies, we have created an environment conducive to a tranquil world of learning; where education is explored and found; where it becomes a pleasure pursuing higher literacy. 

We have provided the smart infrastructure and supporting system to meet the demand that students are thoroughly graduated and become a force for evolution.

What we have planned will sustain us far into the world of higher education. Visit us at for a reality tour of our campus or travel to the mountains where we are and see at first hand the healthy, first of its kind, centre for learning in the state.

Do call us.

Smt. Rari Jayesh

The Aditya Institute of Management Studies has been created to serve the cause of higher education with the theme ‘Building Brighter Futures’ in a place touching the Clouds.  Peermade in the Western Ghats is a place where you disappear to be one with Nature, A place characterized by amazing flora and fauna.

Our Objective is to face up to and encourage and stimulate students to attain their potential, academically, expressively and rationally. Our balanced curriculum is planned to prepare our students for the impending university years and beyond as they mould into their own distinctive areas of skills.

K.Sree Kumar

K.Sree Kumar. Film maker. Thirty years’ experience in film industry. Director of the Asia’s first live-action/animation hybrid film O’Faby. Presently Executive Director of tecgemini info Services Pvt Ltd. ISO 9001: 2008 Certified.

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