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Peermade – exhilarating, peaceful, energy restoring and mesmerizing.  Western Ghats’ color in diversity.

Climate condition: Very pleasant - temperature ranging between 15º C to 1º C in winters and 15º C to 5º C in summers.
Once the summer retreat of the Maharajas of Travancore, Peermade hovers at an altitude of 915 meter above sea level in the awesome Western Ghats. A hill station with spectacular waterfalls, crystal clear streams open grass lands and pine forests. There is something about the vastness around Peermade.

A mystical land of immense natural beauty where the scenery is breathtaking. In the cool sublime climate you feel the pure environment, the wildlife, the flora and fauna.  

In a land where fertile valleys are encircled by the mountains, there is a fairness in terraces created to accommodate coffee, tea, coconut, rubber spice plantations; fruit and vegetable s grown gradually and naturally without stimulations.


Tourist Attractions

Tea estates: A number of Tea Gardens and factories in and around Peermade including one at Pattumala.
Waterfalls:  a few noted waterfalls are Nallathanni, Valanjamkanam, and Panchalimedu.
Adventure options:Peermade is appropriate for trekking, cycling and horse riding. Noted trekking routes are Grampi or Parunthupara, Peeru Hills, VagamonKalthotti and Kuttikanam.
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: Located 43 km away from Peermade, this renowned wildlife reserve is famous for its great variety of flora and fauna including tigers, elephants, flying squirrels and leopards.
The raw drugs museum: Well known for showcasing over 200 varieties of rare and endangered herbs.


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